A Lasting Memory

Here at A Lasting Memory we have been handcrafting memorial fingerprint jewellery since 2013. We are based in Salisbury in Wiltshire where we make the jewellery and post throughout the UK.

How does it work?

We work directly with the funeral home in obtaining the fingerprint mould used to make our jewellery.  The funeral home will be able to help you with taking the print, assist with the order details and post the mould to us.  We can make any number of items from the one mould.

We will then carefully set the fingerprint into the silver.  The finished jewellery is returned to the funeral home who will contact you directly to arrange collection. 

We pride ourselves in offering exceptional customer service and are always here to help with any questions. Our love and passion for crafting that special item is poured into every piece of our work.

For a full price list please contact the funeral home.

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